Understanding What Cervical Vertebrae Is

As we all know, health is one of the most important thing that we have in our life. The health can also be mean as the personal well being of a person. The well being that is not only from the physical aspect, but also from the spirit, social, and economical so we can live a productive life. As we get old, we will get more risk of acquiring many diseases. One of the most common to the old people is the neck arthritis or the cervical vertebrae. In general, this is a disease that is caused by the degeneration of the bones in the neck that gives you the unbelievable pain.

There are some symptoms that are usually experienced by the people with the neck arthritis. Since this kind of disease is affected by the condition of the neuron, so the pain is varied by the position of the neuron that is not working properly. For example if the neuron on the side part that has the cervical vertebrae, then you will mostly feel the pain around the shoulder. However, this condition can also get worse and you will feel the pain on arms. Not only the pain, you will also feel the numb at some point.

For your information, when you have the swollen around the area, you might want to check the doctor. This is one good thing to do, since this kind of disease cannot be cured easily. As an addition, you will not be able to predict the disease. The pain that you feel on the neck can be some pains that will go after you take a nice night sleep. Or else, the pain can be one symptom of the cervical vertebrae. That is why you should check yourself up if you feel something wrong with your body or you will end up in the surgery room.

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