Learning the Reflection Point Using he Anatomy of Left Hand

Anatomy may be a term that you often hear without actually knowing the word is meant. In short, the anatomy can be described as a study of the existing part on your body. By studying the anatomy of the left hand, you can find out where the point of reflection that can be used to heal when you are ill.

If you already know very well about the anatomy of your hand, then you can use your understanding to know that there are reflex points on your hands. The reflection point on the anatomy of the left hand of yours is divided into four meridians and they are:

  1. The Lungs Meridian. It starts from a point outside the upper side of the right thumb under the thumbnail. The line is associated with the lungs and respiratory tract. When it is hurt while massaged means the patient feels sick with the flu, and asthma.
  2. The Heart Meridian. At the start of the point which is located next to the little finger under the nail. The line is related to the heart and blood circulation. When it is hurt while massaged means patients are affected by kidney disease or kidney related diseases.
  3. The Pericardium Meridian. Starting from the point that lies under the nail of the middle finger crosses the central part of the palm of the hand. This pathway affects the activity of the heart, blood circulation, the small intestine. When it is hurt when being massaged means, patients experience abnormalities in the spleen.
  4. The Intestine Meridian. Starting from a point located under the index finger nail across the backhand. When it is hurt while massaged means patients suffer poor digestive system, front headache, sore waist, buttocks and thighs.


Will you learn the anatomy of left hand after you know the benefits?


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